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Bougie by Nature

Bougie Box

Bougie Box

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want a bougie brunch vibe? DONE.
feeling like you need a bougie day at the spa? DONE.
daydreaming of a bougie treat just because you deserve it? DONE, DONE and DONE.

This luxurious marble stone vessel is key to the ultimate bougie home life.  The vessels are not filled with wax - instead they can be customized with Bougie Refills so that you can set the mood to whatever you want, whenever you want.


Each Bougie Box Includes:

  • 1 marble stone vessel
  • 1 marble stone lid
  • 1 Bougie Refill of your choice (additional refills sold separately; each candle is made exclusively with an X-shaped wooden wick)


Don't forget to stock up on an extra Bougie Box Refill!

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